Famous french meal (2) : la ratatouille

Probably the 2nd dish we cook the most frequently after « quiche ». Famous in many countries since the movie « Ratatouille » was quite a success.

A vegetarian colorful Mediterranean dish, mostly for summer as it is prepared with summer veggies. And now you can already smell the mixed tomatoes, eggplants, paprikas… cooked in olive oil. 🙂

Here is the recipe !


– onions

– eggplants

– paprikas (we like to choose a mix of red, green and yellow to have a lot of different colours)

– zucchinis

– tomatoes

– garlic

– salt, pepper, cinnamon

– olive oil

How to proceed ?

If you’re alone, prepare all your vegetables before cooking, it will make it easier for you to watch your fire. Keep every vegetable in a different dish. They will be added one by one.

If you are two or more, one can start cooking while the other(s) cut…

1) Prepare the onions : slice them, add some salt and fry them in a pan with a large amount of olive oil 🙂

2) Deglaze with balsamic vinegar.

3) Transfer them to a bigger pan where they will be cooked very slowly.

4) Until the tomatoes, prepare each veggie the same way (except that you only deglaze the onions). Transfer them to the bigger pan once they are almost cooked. Follow the ingredients’ order.

5) Mince the garlic and add it directly to the large pan. Try and add salt if necessary.

6) Our special trick, from Anabelle’s father, and quickly adopted by spices-loving-Loris. Add the cinnamon (once piece of bark, or one pinch of powder)

6) Leave it on fire for 20 minutes at least. The more cooked it is, the best.

Yummy !

6 réflexions sur “Famous french meal (2) : la ratatouille

  1. This is one my favorite dish!
    Next time, you could provide a recipe in Chinese (with french simultaneaous translation!)
    A question: according to your pictures, I guess this not a real ‘biolite recipe’ ?

    Aimé par 1 personne

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